Platform for Anita Kegley

U. S. House CD #20 in 2020

Dear Supporters and potential supporters,

My name is Anita Kegley and I will be seeking to run as your member for the U.S. House CD #20 in 2020.

Since I felt the calling of public service I have continually been asked for my platform and specific issue positions that I will support.   Afterthought and prayer, I believe this question is flawed.  My U. S. House in 2020 Campaign has nothing to do with “what” it is about “who”.

My Platform is YOU!  How is that for a refreshing change.  Let me explain.

Polls show Congress with less a 20% approval rating and a country bitterly divided.

For the majority of Americans, the 2016 election taught us that Americans were frustrated with politicians pandering to special interest and Wall Street. For the majority of the people not enforcing the laws in the book and ignoring the will of the people had most Americans furious.  They have been forgotten.  I know you will agree, this is not the America we and our parents knew.  I would like to change this in the U. S. House in 2020 to be YOUR voice

America is divided.  We have those who want to stay true to our constitution, the heart, and soul of the longest surviving democracy in history.  We also have those who think nothing of this document and our heritage and feel it is outdated. They, in turn, do not believe in democracy.  Democracy, in the history of the world, has never been a strengthened by socialist governments.

Consistent with so many Texans, I am a firm believer in the first and second Amendments and if we lose or dilute our constitution we will be lost.  You will note my opponent has no respect for the U.S. Constitution meaning his loyalties are not with you, it is with the special interests who basically own congress now resulting in the less than 20% approval rating.  I would like to change that with your U. S. House in 2020 vote.

Immigration is a divisive topic.  Why?  Because it is a political topic.  Traditionally America has opened their arms to the oppressed but not at the stake of weakening America but to strengthen it.  We are a country of immigrants.  Regulating immigration is a matter of national security.  No country can leave its borders unprotected and open to terrorists, criminals, and drugs instead of an organized system of vetting those who will contribute to a strong America.  Unfortunately, my political opponent on behalf of himself, his party and special interest support the idea by his actions of increasing undocumented illegal immigrants.  He and his party can forgo the will of the people by using these illegals to vote to take back the House, Senate, Oval Office and Judiciary that the voters did not trust in the hands of the Democrats.

Why should an illegal immigrant have a free education when hard-working Americans are denied?  The question I will always ask, in consultation with my constituents is “how does this strengthen America?”  “How is this good for the people?”  Unfortunately, Washington is not the place to go to find accountability, ethics, and honesty.  We need to take back the Congress and remove the politics from every aspect of our lives before it kills our country.

National Security is also important but it is not about fighting wars on foreign soils that benefit multinational companies more than Americans and creates a very fertile ground to breed terrorists and new enemies of the United States.  That brings us to health care and taking care of our own, our seniors and the most vulnerable.  We would have the best healthcare in the world if we ceased to be warmongers on behalf of special interests.

America could become the most advanced and educated country in the world and it would not cost the taxpayers an extra dollar.  In fact, it would save money.  I am a proponent of free education.  Our school’s curriculum needs to be divided into units.  No one advances unless they score a minimum 75% on a unit.  Our classroom model is outdated.  One-third of the class requires all the tutoring, one third is okay and the other third is bored.  With learning centers, bricks and mortar and online everyone can have an education, at their own speed, and if they are bright enough can save years.  U.S. businesses can sponsor their students and credits can be given for work experience enabling our companies to compete better internationally.

Another thing I am very strong on is that the parents should be able to choose a substantial amount of the curriculum our children and young adults learn.  We have left-leaning socialist bureaucrats more interested in a curriculum to indoctrinate our children than to educate them.  To condition and dis-empower them and mold them into being dependent on the state rather than to teach them to create and think for themselves.

I am a staunch believer in the State of Israel.  When did our politicians begin to support and finance countries that pledge the annihilation of Israel, meddle in our internal affairs, ask us for money and then vote against us in the United Nations?  A house divided will soon fall.  Are we going to run this country for you, all Americans are for special interests and liberal ideologues that think democracy and a government controlled by them should be weakened and expunged?

So, am I am right wing conservative?  A moderate?  A progressive liberal?  These are just labels.  When I represent every Texan in Congressional House District #20 these labels are things used to divide people, to raise money and vilify and divide people.  Like most people, I believe that a Government should not spend and waste money, creating huge deficits that burden our children, grandchildren, and future generations.  This would make me a far right wing candidate since our government has never tackled these issues.  On the other hand, I believe that polluters, those that harm our environment and make people sick and even poison people should not only pay fines, but they should also go to jail.  This would make me more left wing than anyone in Congress.  I think like the average Texan, like our neighbors but this is lost when it comes to the far majority of our public servants.

My beliefs

What member of Congress would say they are not for God and Country.  I have lived my life to judge people not on what they say but on what they do.  I am not embarrassed by my belief and believe that political correctness is an affront to the First Amendment.   I believe in God!  There are those who will vilify me for even stating it.  When did God and being a Christian equate with being a racist?  The majority of Texans are Christians and peoples of all heritage and beliefs.  I abhor identity politics.  We are all Americans and I loathe those who divide us for any reason for political gain.

Yes, I believe in God.  I am not ashamed of it.  I do not hide it.  I am not embarrassed by it.  I do not yield my beliefs because it may threaten those with other beliefs and no beliefs.  It is who I am and I endeavor to lead a faith-based life.  What does that mean?  I believe we are all accountable for our actions.  I believe that God is the epitome of love.  I believe that we have lost our love for our fellow man and citizens.  This is not the America where I grew up.  We are supposed to treat everyone in a Godly fashion as if they too are the essence of God.  My faith teaches me that as we do unto the least of our brethren we have done unto God.  If we let people starve, go homeless, become wrongfully imprisoned, lose their civil rights we are doing this to ourselves, our community and our creator.

I believe in civil rights.  We do not rehabilitate prisoners and we do nothing to stifle generational crime.

I am therefore a supporter of the American Civil Rights Restoration Act, a bill to correct the legislating from the bench and bad laws in Congress that have stripped us of our traditional and constitutional civil rights.

I believe in this Country.  Never in history has there been a greater country.  But it has never before been under so much attack from without and within.  I see politicians selling out their constituents’ right, left and sideways.  It is short-sighted, it is immoral and if not illegal it should be.

Who is Anita Kegley

I am a small businesswoman who succeeded in a male-dominated industry.  I am a leader in my church and community.  I want to go to the next level and I want to be your servant.

I am not a talker.  I get things done!  I want to partner with each and every one of you and do everyone Texas proud.

We have been overwhelmed with the support since we first floated the idea.  So many feel betrayed by our politicians but hope abounds.  I am lifted by the great spirit that we can take our country back.  It has started.  Help me work to finish the job.

Thank you for your support in advance.  If I have not met you already I look forward to meeting as many constituents as possible and hearing your concerns.  I am your power in Washington and you are my fuel.


Your servant, Anita Kegley